21 май 2020
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Минус Necro - Beautiful Music For You To Die To

Текст (слова) песни Necro - Beautiful Music For You To Die To:

Размер текста:

Your dead kid, now your just meat for preperation
Your brain smeared all over the street like defecation
Pull a gun out on a star
You ain’t too famous on Hollywood boulevard
You get run over by a car
Big saws the size of the teeth of Jaws
Chop you into jig saws, pop you with a sig saw
Starin at death like a 9−11 jump
Or Anti-Christ superstar
Drop the spine of a Reverend in a dumpster
Brutal accidents, and axes leaving dents
In your skull permitting access to ya medula’s fragments
A bullet rushes at you like a pirahna to kill
And the slug cuts clearly threw your skull like Dahmer’s grill
You can tell Im satanic from my evil beat selection
Your autopsy’s like waldbaums meat section
Kid you didnt survive a stab to the chest
Unfortunately medical science can’t always have success
You don’t like listening to death rap, well I do There’s nothing like beautiful music for you to die to You can’t stop pain, how long will cocaine last
A coltrain’s blast, will leave you with no brains fast
Dont rap, stab yourself to the beat instead
Dont impress me with your raps, impress me by being dead
I’ll be impressed when your bleeding red
Cause at least you can say you’ve done somethin I havent done yet
Trying to be spiritual so you can get closer
You’ll have to choke on your blood so you can be kosher
Its a fact, everything I put out will come back
Like cats, in the slums with crack, catchin' slugs in the back
Its a cycle and us humans are addicted to the thrill
So now that your fuckin' dead, we need someone new to kill
If I tried to stop rappin like this I couldn’t
But if I could I wouldn’t
Smash the door down, fuck gettin' my foot in Gamblin' your life, I think your out of luck
Dont act rugged if your not, cause when we bring it you’ll be fucked
Your safe in your crib, with your organs adjacent to your ribs
I pump with so much poison, not many more days you’ll live
You look fucked, you look like you pukin' gook up It looks like the rest of your life should suck
When I said it, kid, you get beheaded with a knife
By the most sadistic motherfucker you ever met in your life!
It’s beautiful
It’s beautiful to demons
Beautiful music, dangerous rhythm
Death is only cause you fear it, it’s beautiful to demons
Stop the pushin, pullin, and screamin
Beautiful music, dangerous rhythm
Its beautiful
Stop the pushin, pullin, and screamin
death is ugly cause you fear it, it’s beautiful to demons
Beautiful music
Beautiful music

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