29 январь 2023
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Минус Eddy Huntington - May Day

Текст (слова) песни Eddy Huntington - May Day:

Размер текста:

Wanna be with you, in everything I do,
I wanna see you, every day and night,
When I was so lonely, I felt this strong desire to love,
But it went too quickly, and now I'm burning - hot,
And now I'm burning hot...
I wanna be with you,
In everything I do,
I wanna see you,
Every day and night...
Can't get enough of you,
You make the day go through,
And everything right now,
Just seems so right...
When I was oh so lonely,
I felt the strong desire to love,
Everything's gone too quickly,
'Cause now I'm burning hot...
May Day - I'm falling in love again...
May Day - I'm falling in love...
May Day - I'm falling in love again...
Once more - the dangerous game...
Remember every time,
I feel I lose my mind,
With hot emotions,
I might lose control...
The passion is so strong,
And something can go wrong,
But risky business,
Can well be my goal...
I can be sad or happy,
And that's the danger of your love,
I can just hope I'm lucky,
'Cause it's too late to stop...

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