15 июнь 2020
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Минус Nine Inch Nails - Deep

Текст (слова) песни Nine Inch Nails - Deep:

Размер текста:

Blank stare
There's a big black hole
Gonna eat me up someday
Someday fades away
Like a memory
Or a place that you'd rather be
Some place lost in space
Itch in my head, that's telling me somewhere
Somewhere out there anywhere
I don't care, get me out of here
If I could feel
All the pins and the pricks
If you were real
I could pick what's apart
And put it back together
This will come true
Help me get through
Into you
All I can do
driving me through
Into you
One track
Get you on your back
Your skin speaks soft
But your lips couldn't say it
Right now
You know somehow
We could take a chance
We could make it
Make it
Right here
Make it all disappear
Everything we've been missing
You make me feel
There's a part of me
That I want to get back again
Make this come true
Help me get through
Into you
All I can do
Pushing it through
Into you
Into you
All I can do
Driving on through
Into you
You're slipping through
I come in two
Into you
We could become
Two into one
Leave this behind
Over and done
Everything new
I'm getting through
Into you
Do you?

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