22 май 2020
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Минус Necro - Underground

Текст (слова) песни Necro - Underground:

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I keep straining my ears to hear a sound
Maybe someone is digging underground
Or have they...

Yo man Mother Fuckers are clowns man; Hip-hop's too nice
It's too pretty
What are you gonna do to it Necro?
Take a razor, and slice it!

Yo peep this shit like this
Kill the head kill the body and knows who i'ma ruin
When I float like a dead body and sting like peroxide on wounds
I'm rolling a fatty like death is coming believe it
Recognize the chain of command I deliver the pain you're receiving
Brain washing has officially begun
Kid you peep a psycho holding a butcher knife dancing like reruns
It's raining, as God pisses on earth
I drop bile like a vagina dismisses on birth
Devour my shower that's golden
I'm puffing the sacks golden
Smolden the flesh that holding the fresh cancer infested colon
How can I make my point to you fools?
I'll drop a dead A&R off a roof and on his chest it says Necro rules
I'm a blow the constitution
My shit stays bubbled like light burned flesh
My rhymes are acid in Clorox solution
Your eyes are blinded once the acid hits
You'll be blinded like Rosie O'Donnell jumped up 10 feet in the air and
flashed her tits
Life is shady G
In 1976 my parents created me
I've been flipping since 1983
I always took pain as a game
When I was 6 I cracked my head open and looked in the mirror to see my brain
Wonder why I'm like an icicle?
At 5 I was hit by a car riding my tricycle
A hit and run son
Mad young in the hospital receiving stitches
Making me vicious
Peeping cretons with Mephisto in their eyes made me suspicious
Running through glen in PJ's as a young buck
I didn't dance that fresh I burnt ants to death.
Taste me you will see more is all you need dedicated to how I'm killing you
You're unhealthy your a felon PO checks your Bladder
You're an addict; if you beat me I'll deliver you dead on a platter
The customer's always right but this time the customers left
On a stretcher gasping for breath
Cipher flows like rolly polly
Kill yourself slowly plus you're already dead if you're homely
So bitch, there's a little red dot on your skull so pray
Most of New York's population is filled with metal patients
Pretending to be normal, pretending to be mental patients
Got them raping by the pile
Watch out for goons of bile infested with smiles and dreams of molesting
your child
You got a black glock with the extra clip when shit is thick
You gotta punch a kid dead in the nose if he ever tries to front and dis
You need to puff a bag of dro's when listening to brutal shit like this
You gotta rock a lambskin with the spermicidal for a nasty bitch
Make sure your girl's syphilis is clean before I slide my tongue up
And I, don't you dare ruin my dinner
My ventriloquism hits you like ism
Sprayed with raid mixed with prism mixed blades butcher with sadism
I rip your gat when I twist my wrists
1 finger, 2 finger, 3 fingers, 4 fingers fuck it the whole fist's
Rammed up your wife's ass gets murdered type fast
Blast scum up your BC masks
And dirty flash pipes flash
Pulling and coming in side like sluts like Kimberly Drumming
You know the steez, I slay my prey
Day by Day
Kill yourself, on some euthanasia shit
Rocking Tim's on razor on the tip
Today's the day to flip on a decapitation tip
I'm fascinated with
Leaving you lacerated split on point like an assassination hit your not
Some one to have patients with
I'm better off
Letting off
Two clips at you face set it off
To decide is better off
Dead it off
Inject 'till you feel correct
Feel the effects of my hex
Force you to have sex with techs
Chopped at funeral next
Buy my poison I got triple six in my beeper
I talk to my self cause giving my own self therapy is cheaper

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