20 ноябрь 2020
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Минус Avril Lavigne - Alone

Текст (слова) песни Avril Lavigne - Alone:

Размер текста:

No wonder why my insecurity is growing wide.
I struggle to focus.
People walk into my life and judge me by what they hear.
No one has ever been there or ever gave the heart to care.
Deeds of shame.
The world around me, know my pain.
The world that I see.
So maybe I am bound by fate.
A problematic scarring induced by hate.
To me the night captures a sudden glimpse.
I am all alone.
But what is another night all alone,
When you are spending every night on your own.
She's lost inside, lost inside.
She's lost inside, lost inside.
Oh oh yeah!
The Whispers carried by the wind turn me into stone.
Could this be the very end?
Or will I still be all alone??

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