15 октябрь 2020
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Минус Andrew Lloyd Webber - Lament

Текст (слова) песни Andrew Lloyd Webber - Lament:

Размер текста:

the choice was mine and mine completely
i could have any prize that i desired
i could burn with the splendour of the brightest fire
or else, or else i could choose time
remember i was very young then
and the year was forever and a day
so what use could 50, 60, 70 be?
i saw the lights and i was on my way
and how i lived
how they shone,
but how soon the lights were gone

the choice was yours and no one else's
you can cry forever in despair
hang your head because she's no longer there
to shine, to dazzle, or betray
how she lived, how she shone
but how soon the lights were gone.
eyes, hair, face, image
all must be preserved
still life displayed forever
no less than she deserved
(ringing bells)

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